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We all know these times are financially tough, and believe me, I know. I've been unemployed a lot more than employed over the past few years, and will be again in June this year after just 6 months in work. So, to raise some much needed cash, I've tried selling stuff on 'other' auction sites, but found them to be far too expensive. was born out of my own need and frustration. I wanted to sell stuff to raise some much needed cash, but didn't want to lose half that money on paying fees for advertising, fees for selling, final valuation fees, and even fees if it didn't sell! What a a complete rip off. So I decided to launch A FREE TO USE auction website that hopefully enable all of us to make and save some money.

Its relatively simple to use (if you've used other auction sites, it'll be a doddle), and has a reasonably comprehensive Help page, which will explain how to get the most out of this site.

All I ask is, if you choose to use, and if you like it, you tell your family, friends, colleagues, strangers, Twitter and Facebook, infact everybody you know to use it. That way, we all benefit. Remember has NO LISTING FEE'S, NO FINAL VALUE COMMISSIONS.

I know its not perfect, but I'm working on it...

Finally, why not check out my blog, where you'll get a better idea of how came to be.

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